Importance of Design in Newspapers

What do you think is the most pivotal function of newspaper design and  how do you think it influences the society at large?

Newspaper design adds a unique touch of creativity to a newspaper. It is in a way similar to how a chef adds spices in order to add flavour to a recipe.
It adds color and presents a style to help the newspaper stand out in a way that is appealing to the readers.

The design adds depth and further emphasises the importance of each article in a newspaper. Like for example in the image below, The different pictures of the 2015 Nepal earthquake shows the intensity and scale of its destruction.


nepal earthquake.jpg

What contribution can a newspaper designer give in terms of the following?

  • Social change – Depending on the news context, a designer can emphasise certain articles to add more to its weight, element and drama.
  • Economic sustainability¬†– A designer can emphasise the article in a more efficient and practical way that can save time and space in a newspaper.

Should designs be global or local?

Designs should be local. As it adds more variety and diversity. Each country and region has its own design and in this way it adds more unique design and creativity.